The Wren’s Feather

Standing in the hallway I was quaking inside my polished school shoes. My knee high grey socks were neatly turned over under my knees, just below a small skin laceration caused by the bramble bush down the lane; and my gold and grey tie was painstakingly knotted to perfection.             My stepmother held out my... Continue Reading →


Having the Time of Her Life

She watched the water swirling around the stones, caught glimpses of tiny fish that would one day grow into whoppers, and kept her eye on her father’s rod.

The Door of No Return

Picture by Olli Haaker   Charlie had never noticed a door there before, which was strange if you considered how many times a day he was up and down this hospital corridor.He tentatively leant forward and knocked, but there was no response. If there was one thing that he liked more than anything else, it... Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunt

    The excited voices of children floated up to the top of the hill carried on the gentle breeze. Up here on the grassy slopes the man had been relaxing, warming himself like a lizard in the sun. Now he shifted to peer over the rocky outcrop he had settled behind, hoping the kids... Continue Reading →


Petra lay on her back listening; sleeping bag peeled back to expose the warm red fleece she had slept in last night. It was so quiet out there apart from a sudden smattering of moisture on the tent side. The noise was sharp in the pre dawn stillness outside her thin nylon walls. She listened... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Jamaka

  The time felt right for a camping trip to round off the two week school holidays. On Friday we loaded the vehicle and left late in the afternoon with a two hour drive before us. My two grandsons aged seven and three had been desperate to get there from half past five that morning... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Love

                                                  You’re trouble, she said, closing his offering of literature Red marks his only distinction From the institution of diligence and erudition. You’re hopeless, she sighed at his offering of peace... Continue Reading →

Black Cat

  Black cat sleeping on my pillow Curled up tight against my shoulder Fighting for the last scrap of heat That binds us together like glue.   Black cat purring on my lap Head tucked under my armpit Eyes closed, paws moving To some rhythm deep within.   Black cat a lucky sign, you Came... Continue Reading →

Our Africa

Africa the continent of riches unimagined,

Africa, the beautiful, the game the wine, the land,
Africa that shelters its shame beneath the bridges
The misery of poverty too awful to be named.

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