Sudden Death

Photo by mark broadhurst on A thick grey day, chill and drab, Smelling of woodsmoke and toadstools. Me hankering for fireside and hot chocolate, not to walk the dog, not to be outside. Then out of the cold mist,  silent winged and watchful a barn owl quartering the field over and over, hunger pushing... Continue Reading →

This Old Tree Stump

This Old Tree Stump This old tree stump Weathered, ringed and grey Stood here for generations As time rolled on it’s way.   This old tree stump With soft green lichen mould Once bore a full cathedral Where bird song carolled forth   This old tree stump Is home to many things. Beetles, bugs and centipedes Live hidden in it’s rings.   This old tree stump Is all that now remains, Reminding us of days gone by And days that stay the same.   This old tree stump Is now my resting seat I sit here and I ponder And rest my aching feet.    

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